Storm Damage

Hail, high winds and severe storms can cause serious damage to your home’s exterior. If you suspect for any reason that you might have storm damage, call CapCity. We will help you with the claims process every step of the way!


Ready to respond whenever your home's exterior experiences unexpected storm damage.

Our professional Project Managers can identify and assess storm damage. We will perform a complete, no-cost assessment of your property and report our findings to you. If you do not have significant damage on your roof or other exteriors to justify filing an insurance claim, we will let you know. Our team advises on filing a claim only if we feel confident that you’ll get approved. We will guide you to make the right decision. Storm damage services include:

  • Emergency tarping (if needed).

  • Meeting with your insurance adjuster.

  • Working with you and your insurance company to ensure your home is properly renovated.

  • Help with processing your paperwork.

  • Restoring your home in a timely manner.

If your home has been damaged by hail, high winds or severe storms, call CapCity at 301.770.3220 or click here.

Filing a Claim for Storm Damage

 Step 1: Schedule a free storm damage inspection with CapCity. An experienced professional will inspect the property for any storm-related damage which includes, but is not limited to, damage from wind and hail to your roof, siding, gutters, fascia, windows and interior leaking.

Step 2: Once the inspection is complete, we will review the extent of the damage with the property owner. Our inspectors look for what the adjusters from each insurance company may require to replace your roof, and we only suggest filing a claim if we feel confident that you’ll get approved.

Step 3: If damage is found to the property and filing a claim is suggested, CapCity will assist the property owner with the claims process. Your insurance company will then send out an adjuster to inspect the damage. CapCity will meet with the adjuster to make sure that he/she is seeing the damage that we’ve seen.  

Step 4: When you receive your scope of loss (estimate) from the insurance company, a CapCity team member will meet with you to review all the paperwork, select a color shingle and choose an installation date.  The only monies the customer is responsible for is their deductible and rotten decking over three sheets. CapCity performs all the work for Replacement Cost Value determined by your insurance company.

Step 5: Materials will be delivered 1-2 days before your installation is scheduled.  On the day of installation, our crews typically arrive by 7:30am. Your Project Manager will oversee the entire process.  If your insurance company is paying your claim in more than one installment, we will handle the filing of the letter of completion and invoice for the additional funds to be released.